Do all with a passion, and try to do it well as much as possible.

Hi there. My name is Nicolas and I like software engineering. I was born January 29, 1984. The most enjoyable part for me is a creation process. The first big "creation" experience I had at age about 13. When I have created a paper game, it was similar to the Monopoly but much bigger with several decks and several currencies. A bit earlier I had a blast with games for the calculator, technically they were based on the RNG but it was fun. I think the main point which I would like to share. I like software engineering. It's my hobby and the work at the same time.

I'm a polymath. I hope that polymath stands for the person which is curious and always pushing himself to know more. I found myself in the situation that I learn more and more programming languages. If you are reading this text and you are a software engineer or you have plans to be one, I highly recommend to know several programming languages, it really empowers you. Sometimes good ideas from one language could be easily adopted in the implementation which is written in another language. Also, you will have several perspectives or leverages to solve a challenge.

I'm excited to be a software engineer, because an area is so big, that it's a never-ending process of learning and comprehension.

Programming Languages

Mostly, this section is for keeping. Since I'm trying to know as much as possible languages, I found that it's hard to remember for how long you are familiar with a language. From time to time I'm updating this section. What criteria am I using? I have read a couple books about a language and did a couple projects by using a language.

  • Ruby, 2019-02-26

  • Go, 2017-02-06

  • Objective-C, 2013-10-16

  • Java, 2012-08-01

  • ActionScript, 2006-09-01

  • PHP, 2005-01-20

  • JavaScript, 2004-07-01